Tips for Looking Great When Traveling

Friends riding on the back of the pickup truck

Anytime you travel on a planet or you sit down on a long drive on a car or bus and train, it is easy to end up looking congested and tired. Fatigue, jet lag, and being crammed into a small seating area can all contribute to a wrinkled appearance. However, you can … Read more

What Cars Are Best For Long Road Trips?

SUV along with rock formations

It’s a bright summer day, fresh winds breezing through your window; ah, yes, the open roads are calling you for another road trip. A long road trip is oddly satisfying for most of us, but it’s more enjoyable if you’re with friends or family. But before you head out, you need to … Read more

Tips for Staying Safe While Walking with Headphones

walking on the street with headphones

Walking is a healthy way to interact with your community actively. You can enhance this experience with music played on your favorite headphones, but walking with your headphones on is risky, especially if you are walking on a busy street.  However, sometimes you can’t resist listening to your favorite music on this … Read more