Top 6 Ways To Spend Your Vacation In Las Vegas

Las Vegas remains one of the most popular travel destinations not just in the U.S. but around the world. In fact, recent reports suggest that visitors are even getting younger and spending more money than before –– suggesting the destination is as hot as ever. The explanation for this success is simple: Las Vegas is a city that always adapts to satisfy its visitors, and is constantly reinventing itself with fresh attractions and entertainment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to spend your time during a visit to this iconic city in 2022.

1. Visit World Famous Landmarks

There’s no better way to spend your first day in Las Vegas than by visiting some of the most well-known landmarks in the city. The Stratosphere and the High Roller Observation Wheel, to name a few, offer excellent views of the city. You can also visit replicas of the Venetian canals, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Sphinx. And last but not least, we also recommend a quick trip to the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Sure it’s touristy, but it still gives you a great photo.

2. Eat at Celebrity Chef Restaurants


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Las Vegas is famous for its amazing and surprisingly low-cost buffets, and you can even eat for free while betting at some casinos. But in order to take advantage of your trip, you have to visit some of the best restaurants in town, too. Chef Andre Rochat offers a variety of French dishes at his beautifully decorated restaurant at Park MGM, while Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace offers multi-course meals composed of highly sophisticated dishes. And those two examples only scratch the surface.

3. Find Movie Locations


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If you’re a fan of cinema, then traveling to Las Vegas gives you an excellent opportunity to visit some famous movie locations. The fountain outside of the Bellagio, for example, was featured in the final scene of Ocean’s Eleven, while multiple areas of the Las Vegas Strip have been used to film movies like Fear And Loathing In Las VegasThe Hangover, and even the fourth film of the Bourne Identity saga.

4. Play Slots at the Biggest Casinos


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Wearing a nice suit or dress while walking around the casino floors will make you feel like you are part of the cast of Ocean’s Eleven. And for some, that’s about all that’s needed to enjoy Vegas casinos. But there’s nothing like actually sitting in front of a slot machine and trying your luck in the gambling capital of the world, all while getting free food and drinks. There is also the added bonus of playing on famous machines that can only be found in Las Vegas.

5. Enjoy Iconic Poker Rooms


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Naturally, few cities offer so many places to play poker as Las Vegas does. But there are also a few famous poker rooms no visitor should miss. Wynn Las Vegas, for example, offers a high level of competition and excellent food (though both the game buy-ins and menus are pricey). The Bellagio and the MGM Grand offer some of the most established, long-beloved poker rooms in the world. And in recent years, the Aria (a relatively new resort) has climbed the ranks simply by virtue of the modern, classy feel of its own poker area. Play a few games at any of these establishments, and you’ll feel like Vegas royalty.

6. Experience Unusual Attractions

It may sometimes seem like there’s little to do in Vegas outside of the main resorts, but in reality, there’s a lot more variety than one would expect. You can visit Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, for instance –– considered one of the most haunted places in the state. Afterward, you can stop by the Heart Attack Grill for some of the most decadent comfort food of your life, and then round out the evening by playing some classic games at the Pinball Hall of Fame. These are just a few suggestions, but the truth is there’s all kinds of fun to be had without going near the main attractions.

The city of Las Vegas is an excellent place to spend your vacations. However, if you’re looking to go on an extended U.S. trip, consider taking a short plane ride or road trip to Los Angeles. Just like Vegas, the city of Los Angeles is built on its ability to attract tourists and provide them with alternative activities. In Los Angeles, tourists can enjoy historic buildings, strange museums, and unique cultural cuisines.