Tips for Staying Safe While Walking with Headphones

walking on the street with headphones

Walking is a healthy way to interact with your community actively. You can enhance this experience with music played on your favorite headphones, but walking with your headphones on is risky, especially if you are walking on a busy street.  However, sometimes you can’t resist listening to your favorite music on this … Read more

How to Take the Best Photos While Sightseeing


Have you ever wondered who some people’s vacation photos look like the postcards you can buy at the airport? Whether it’s some famous landmarks or just some colorful markets, you can also make your own iconic images. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips on … Read more

Benefits of Having a Game Room for Employees

workmates enjoying

Having some destress zones and game spaces at a workplace is one great way to boost the energy and productivity of employees. These elements are also an excellent channel for the employees to enhance their communication, relationship, and bonding with their co-workers. All work and no play is the main ingredient for … Read more